Welcome to SDDC

If you have an existing business in Dallas for which you are seeking funds, you may fill out our application and mail or hand-deliver it to our office. If you are starting a new business, you will want to register your company with the appropriate entities, prepare a business plan, and find a location. Once you have the appropriate documents, you may submit an application. After we receive the application and confirm your eligibility, we will schedule a meeting to determine how to proceed.

Please note, if you are interested in an SBA 504 loan, you must fill out their loan application as opposed to SDDC’s.

The Five C’s of Credit

Character: Your reputation and reliability; your character includes your business experience and knowledge, references and education, and personal and business credit history.
Capacity: The company’s cash flow is reviewed to ensure the requested debt can be serviced; the payment history and records on other credit relations, including personal and commercial are reviewed and considered.

Capital: The amount of your own money put into the company portrays a message of confidence and trust. It ensures your commitment to and risk of funding the company.

Conditions: The conditions surrounding your business do not pose any significant unmitigated risks; the economy, competition, and customer base are noted.

Collateral: If for some reason you/your company cannot provide repayment, collateral is a secondary source of repayment, which includes things such as inventory, equipment, real estate, stocks, accounts receivable, etc.